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 Each order will receive a jar of touchup paint.  Each order takes about 2-3 weeks excluding shipping times.  Please ask at time of order what the turn around time currently is.

 $50 to dye each pair of boots.  Plus the cost of shipping.  Email Vanessa today to place your order: vanessa@kliemchenfarm.com


We are also accepting used boots for re-dying.  Boots must be sent to us clean or pay a $5 cleaning fee.  Used boots require additional prep work.  Re-dying fees are $60 total plus shipping.

Sage Green Boots Pale Yellow Boots 

Robins Egg Blue

 Coca Cola Red Boots



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Caring for your Boots

When you receive your boots you need to take them out of the box and put them in the bag you will be storing them in.  If you do not have a bag we recommend that you store them in their box wrapped in soft cloths.  Put your boots on right before you head to the arena and take them off right after you are done.  Be sure to wipe your boots down with a soft cloth before putting them away.   If dirt is caked on the boots use extra care in taking it off with a damp cloth.  Do not use any type of water repellant as this might cause the paint to peel.  Your boots have been dyed with an acrylic paint and sealed to not crack or peel if taken care of properly.